Cognitive Command Executive Function Coaching

Cognitive Command Executive Function Coaching

for optimizing academic performance and student success

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Executive Function Explained: Unlock Your Child’s Potential

Executive Function acts as the brain’s premier “Air Traffic Control System,” expertly managing critical skills such as planning, organization, time management, focusing, attention, memory retention, and efficient multitasking.

Spotting Executive Function Challenges

Is your child exhibiting signs of:

  • Difficulty in emotion or impulse control
  • Problems with maintaining attention or active listening?
  • Short-term memory challenges?
  • Inability to multitask or balance tasks effectively?
  • Socially inappropriate behavior?
  • Challenges in managing academic and extracurricular activities?
  • Tendencies towards procrastination and poor planning?
  • A decline in self-confidence?

These indicators extend beyond academic performance, affecting overall life organization and leading to various challenges.

Who Benefits from Executive Function Coaching?

Our Executive Function coaching benefits students who:

  • Are academically underperforming
  • Frequently lose personal items.
  • Struggle with time management.
  • Find social interactions challenging.
  • Feel overwhelmed by college or graduate school applications.
  • Have diagnoses like ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder.

Transformative Executive Function Coaching by Cognitive Command


We offer a bespoke, holistic coaching program that starts with an in-depth assessment to understand your child’s unique needs. Our personalized, one-on-one support propels your child towards surpassing their goals.


Empowering Core Self-Management Skills through Coaching


Our coaching focuses on:

Time Management: Elevating task prioritization and efficient time utilization.
Organization: Enhancing assignment and material management.
Task Initiation: Overcoming procrastination.
Focus and Attention: Boosting concentration for peak performance.
Emotion Regulation: Developing resilience for smoother task execution.

The Advantages of Partnering with Cognitive Command

Engaging with our program, your child will achieve academic excellence, boost confidence, acquire lifelong skills, minimize stress, and cultivate independence.

Act Now: Empower Your Child’s Success Journey

Don’t let executive dysfunction limit your child’s potential. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary 15-minute consultation with Cognitive Command Executive Function Coaching.

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During the overwhelming period of preparing and submitting college applications, executive function coaching provided a grounding force that gave the application chaos a well defined structure. My executive function coach helped me organize all my deadlines and tasks so I developed a steady schedule. My coach was also invaluable in the interview process, providing me with tips about every aspect of the interview process. My concerns about the application process were heard by my coach and taken into account so I gained much needed peace of mind. The organization and communication skills I learned from my executive function coach will undoubtedly aid me in my life beyond high school. 

-Student, Class 2024

With the help of executive function coaching, I was able to stay on top of my college applications and be prepared for any setbacks that may come my way. Despite being admitted to my top choice of colleges, I stayed positive throughout the entire process because of how ahead I was, and the sheer level of organization that the coaching provided. Although it may seem small, the short email summaries of our meetings were a constant reminder to stay focused and keep working even though an Early Decision or Early Action might come through and end the college application process sooner.

-Student, Class of 2024

The Executive function coaching was able to provide the support and help that I required in the process of completing my college applications. I did not have much confidence in my essays beforehand and through my coach’s support, encouragement and help, I was able to click submit with confidence that would have otherwise not been possible. Throughout our time together, I have received invaluable feedback and appraisal as well as ideas for prompts that I felt unsure on. My coach’s support has helped me develop my writing skills and style to sound more assertive and bring a flow into my work that I will most definitely be able to utilize even outside of the college application process.
– Student, class of 2024

Our Coaching Process

Embark on a Journey to Success: Our Executive Function Coaching Process

Welcome to a transformative journey where each step is a leap towards unlocking your student’s full potential. Our Executive Function Coaching is not just a process; it’s a personalized adventure, crafted to meet the unique needs and aspirations of your student. Let’s dive into our five-step journey:

The Starting Point: Establishing the Objective

  • Imagine stepping into a world of possibilities with a complimentary 15-minute consultation. This is where our journey begins. In this initial heart-to-heart, we delve into understanding your student’s world – their challenges, dreams, and what success means to your family.

The Exploration: Understanding Through Assessment

  • Next, we embark on an exploration with our SMARTS assessment. Think of it as a treasure map, revealing the hidden gems of your student’s strengths and the challenges waiting to be conquered.

  • Our conversations during this phase are like guiding stars – insightful, open-ended, and reflective, helping us chart a course that’s uniquely theirs.

The Revelation: Providing Feedback

  • With the map and stars aligned, we now enter the realm of feedback. This isn’t just about pointing out what’s there; it’s about illuminating the path forward. We reflect back on the journey so far – the peaks scaled and the valleys crossed. This step is about nurturing student self-discovery and growth.

The Strategy: Identifying Goals

  • As our path becomes clearer, we focus on setting goals. These are not just markers on a map; they’re signposts to your student’s aspirations. We help them choose goals that are challenging yet attainable – a perfect blend of ambition and realism.

The Continuous Journey: Following Up with Support

  • The journey doesn’t end with setting goals. Regular meetings with our expert coaches ensure that the path remains clear and progress is continuously charted. After each session, reflections are shared, serving as checkpoints along the way.

  • Periodically, we revisit our initial map – the SMARTS assessment – to see how far we’ve come. Goals are realigned, ensuring that the journey remains dynamic and responsive to your student’s growing abilities and changing landscapes.

This is not just a coaching process; it’s a narrative of growth, discovery, and empowerment. Each student’s story is unique, and we tailor our journey to reflect that individuality. So, let’s start this adventure together and guide your student towards a future brimming with potential and success. Book your complimentary 15-complimentary consultation. 

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